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LEVE is an art project initiated in 2010 to create and offer a space for dialogue, interchange and production in a natural environment of rural León, in Spain.

Since 2012 the project has focused on the realisation of annual sound publications edited on 10" vinyl silk-screen printed by hand. These editions are conceptually inscribed in the idea of environment and field recording and comprise sound works specially made by invited artists.

Artists/participants respond in a unique way to the set of “rules” related to site-specificity, duration and time of recording that are proposed. The sound works are normally made during short residency periods on location. Occasionally, works have been recorded following specially made scores or instructions.

LEVE’s space is located in a low mountain range in the north of the country, specifically in La Cepeda area, and is surrounded by oak forests. The sound studio Grabaciones de Campo was constructed in this location, in an old barn and cattle stable that has been later refurbished with respect for its original construction materials: stone, mud, and bales of straw, which offer a distinctive acoustic and atmosphere.

Press / Prensa

De caca de esport 
Video-presentación de LEVE 2 2014, Javi Álvarez

Una tabla de salvación en Castro de Cepeda
Astorga Redacción, 2013

Ocho paisajes sonoros a 45 rpm
Eloisa Otero, Tam Tam Press, 2013

La Idioteca Nº4: Nuevo Itinerario
Radio Ela, 2013

Photo: Iván Pérez, Grasshopper: parámetros flotantes (LEVE 5, 2017)